More Than Just a Safe Place

Program Information

For the duration of their stay, women in our shelter have access to a variety of option programs to support physical and emotional healing and recovery, skill development, parenting and positive social interaction, and more.

While living in the shelter, our clients also are provided with:

  • Public Health Access
  • Dental Care Access
  • Access to Community Service Village agencies
  • Access to the Fitness on 25th facility
  • Opportunity to participate in community dinners and movie nights

Parenting Programs

Parenting in crisis is overwhelming and at the YWCA Saskatoon we realize the importance of providing support and encouragement to women who come to us in need of our services. We offer a parenting program whereby facilitators encourage positive bonding with moms and kids and educate women how to parent under the stressful circumstances they are in.

Nutritional Programs

We also offer education on healthy nutrition and its importance in physical, mental, and emotional health. These sessions covers basic nutrition, the Canada food guide, food safe principles, and eating well for diabetes. Individual nutritional counselling is also offered to help residents set their own healthy eating goals, determine portion sizes, and ensure a balanced diet, with the goal of enabling them to set goals and find balance for themselves.

Cultural Programs

Residents of our shelter are able to participate in cultural workshops where they meet with elders in the community, take part in sharing circles, and express themselves through art.


“The shelter provided me with shelter and nourishment. I received emotional support from staff. They met my needs when I needed to talk. It was helpful to get referrals from staff. I got physical support through the use of the YWCA gym. I got spiritual support through smudging done during my stay.”

Shelter Client

“The shelter being there for me and my son helped us so much. We are so appreciative. Staff were always there to talk to, no matter what…day or night..staff is always there. It made us feel so safe. I learned that I don’t need others’ approval. I proved to myself that I can do it. I can accomplish anything! I can live life knowing my son and I will be okay!”

– Shelter Client