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Crisis Shelter and Residence offers Laughter Therapy

The Crisis Shelter offers a laughter therapy and the instructor has been dedicated for many years with proven results!

“I have been offering therapeutic laughter groups at the shelter each month for about 6 or 7 years. My laughter program involves gentle stretching, healthy breathing and laughter exercises. It provides an opportunity for the women to interact and laugh together without competition or judgment. Some of the benefits of laughter include: decreased stress, boosted immune system, increased endorphins, and being able to work together/live together easier. We add a bit of laughter yoga at the end and also discuss Good-Hearted Living. One of the best comments I received from a woman at the shelter was that she had just got there and had not met anyone so being able to laugh and act silly with them helped her to be more comfortable and it was a nice way to meet them and interact with them. She was so thankful. I have also had a number of women share that they have felt so stressed and being able to laugh and move around has helped them feel better physically and mentally.” -Helen