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Benefits of Connecting with an Employment Agency


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One important source of work that is too often overlooked by today’s unemployed and under-employed is the work gained through employment agencies.  We recently had the opportunity to invite some agencies in and the result brought clarity to the mystery and misconceptions around these employers.

While it is true that agencies work with clerical and administrative positions, did you know that they also contract for professional workers and industrial positions?  This is agency specific, so look on their website and find out which one is the best fit for your skills.  Agencies typically fill different types of contracts they have with employers.  They may be contracted by an employer to fill part time and full time positions; these positions may be short term, long term or permanent.  Yes I did say permanent, depending on the contract you may be hired by the company directly now or in the future.

Do not overlook the valuable skills you can build while working for an agency, the connections you can make, and the potential to add some great references to your portfolio.  There is no cost to you to work for an agency, they find employers that need talent and you find work.

The bottom line is the more people helping you to find work the better, so get out and see what agencies have to offer, it might be the best career move you make!  Watch for the YWCA’s next Employer Information Session to connect with employers.