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Are You Looking For Jobs On The Right Websites?


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Most people use online sites to conduct their job searches. To get the best results, you may have to cast a wide net, and part of casting a wide net is to use multiple websites. Many companies list some of their jobs with one search site and not another, as they often pay to list the job opening. Therefore, it is recommended you use more than one job search website, as if your focus is too narrow, you may miss out on opportunities that haven’t made it to your usual job board. But which websites should you be checking out?

Here are the top online Job listings websites to explore for professionals and executives.

Check the organization’s website first

Many larger companies, colleges, universities, municipalities, states, and healthcare systems advertise on their own website. They may place SOME of their listings with the big online job search websites, but it’s far from all. Make a list of the 15-20 top companies you want to work for and start your search on the company’s website. To find their listings, go to Google, type in the company name and the word “careers,” and see what you can find. Pay close attention to the search results as you may get sent to other sites. Be sure you select the option to go directly to the company’s employment page.

This is the largest job listing site in the world. Its sole focus is to uncover and list job openings. Indeed aggregates or gathers job postings from thousands of websites and employment firms, including company career web pages and recruiting firms. No other site has even half as many opportunities as Indeed does. After exploring company websites directly, this should be your first stop to search for opportunities.

Known more for being a professional networking site, you should also plan to use it as a useful networking tool. LinkedIn has the second-largest amount of job listings next to Indeed. From entry-level to C-suite executive positions, you will find all levels of job listings on LinkedIn. Career counseling clients have reported that they often find more executive-level positions here than on other websites.

This site made its reputation by allowing employees and former workers to write company reviews. That expanded to include listing current job salaries at a specific company, followed by allowing candidates to post some of the job interview questions they were asked. Then came the added feature of listing job openings. This search site is popular with college students seeking internships and newer college grads looking for entry-level positions as it seems to have a lot of these level jobs listed.

The Canada Job Bank

The Job Bank is an employment website operated by Employment and Social Development Canada. Unlike the other websites on this list, it is specifically based in Canada and concentrates on providing advice on job standards and requirements in the Canadian context. In addition to providing an online database of job listings in Canada, it also provides job search tools such as resources for career planning and resume creation, as well as labour market information such as educational requirements and wage rates.

The YWCA Employment and Learning Centre Computer Lab is open for job search purposes Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1-3:30pm. If you’re interested in checking any of these websites out yourself, don’t hesitate to come on down!


Information on our job search programs at the YWCA Employment and Learning Centre can be found at: Employment & Learning

This article was adapted by Shaylyn White. You can view the full original article by Robin Ryan of Forbes here.