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Aquatics: Osteoarthritis


Fitness on 25th

Aquatics: Osteoarthritis
By: Carol Keesey; Aqua Fitness Instructor

Pain is the most common symptom of osteoarthritis. Because there is no more cartilage left to act as a cushion in the joint, the bones rub together causing pain. Stiffness is the other osteoarthritis symptom that people most often experience. Those affected joints just don’t function as well, particularly after they haven’t moved for a long while – after a night’s sleep , a long car trip or plane flight. When joint pain becomes so great, people will try to avoid using the joint, and muscle weakness results. This creates a vicious cycle as muscle weakness causes the joint to have to bear up under body weight and become more damaged and painful.

Exercise may not seem like a logical treatment for a joint that  inflamed and in pain, but that is exactly what osteoarthritis patients need. Gentle weight training and aerobic exercise can strengthen the muscles surrounding an arthritic joint.

Water provides support for body weight on painful inflamed joints while exercises to strengthen those muscles surrounding a joint can be utilized. Range of motion can also be improved with exercises in the water.  Daily living and activities will become far less painful by strengthening those muscles surrounding an arthritic joint.

Aquasize classes are the perfect situation to strength those muscles thus providing opportunities to minimize the pain and make movement – an important part of osteoarthritis treatment possible.

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