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Aquatics: How to Prevent Chlorine Damage to Hair


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How to Protect Your Hair and Skin from Chlorine

  1. Rinse your hair before going into the water: This helps with your hair not absorbing too much chlorine because your hair is already damp to begin with. Therefore, it already absorbed the water from the shower so it won’t hold on to as many chemicals from the chlorine.
  2. Use oil base products: After your hair is damp, use coconut oil or Moroccan oil. If you are in warmer conditions, coconut oil can be used as a natural sunscreen to your hair.
  3. During your swim: After your hair is damp and there is an oil base product in your hair, tuck your hair into a swim cap. To protect your eyes and skin wear goggles, this will also help reduce the redness and irritation in your eyes.
  4. Wash your hair after your swim: After your swim is finished, go into the shower with your bathing suit on. Rinse out your hair and bathing suit and then wash your hair with sulfate shampoo or a special shampoo that was made for getting the harsh chemicals in chlorine out, such as, Swim Trim or Malibu Swimmers Action Wellness Shampoo which can be purchased online or at drug stores.
  5. Moisture Skin: To lock in moisture and avoid dry skin, find a moisturizer with a coco butter base and that is gentle on dry skin. Remember to apply moisturizer on your face to avoid dry patches and irrational. Apply something that is gentle on your face and that is meant for your skin type.