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Aquatics: Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of Swimming
By: Breeanna Tudda, Head Lifeguard

For two months now, I have been lane swimming 4 times a week for 45 minutes a day at the YWCA pool after work. As a lifeguard, I have always been a strong swimmer however I haven’t been as diligent with swimming to keep up my cardio as much as I liked, so I decided to challenge myself. After doing this for two months, I have made it into a life style of continuing to swim 4 times a week, and here is why:

Weight Control

                           I lost about 10 pounds of weight for swimming for two months. Front crawl typically burns 700 calories per 155 pound person and more if you are over 155 pounds.  A lot of swimmers will say they will eat what they want because they swim, which isn’t the motto you want to lead by, however I still ate typically healthy and cheated here and there ( at least one cheat snack or meal a day) and I still lost weight. I believe adapting a clean diet would result in additional weight loss.

Cardiovascular Health

                                Since I kept up with swimming almost every day of the work week, I noticed my lungs and heart have strengthened. I could swim vigorously using the front crawl stroke for 400 meters which is exactly 10 minutes. I then was able to swim double that in 20 minutes. Now I can swim 48 laps in 30 minutes, which is 1200 meters of front crawl which I am pretty happy about considering in November I couldn’t even swim 4 laps of front crawl without being tired and having to take a break.


                                As a former dancer I have always been very flexible. When I stopped dancing, naturally I lost a lot of my flexibility.  When I started swimming regularly, I noticed that my joints and muscles were not as stiff and that I was able to stretch properly. Also, my feet are naturally flat with no arch and because of that I have back problems. Lane swimming helped with the flexibility of my back muscles and the low impact allowed me to release a lot of the tension in my back and all my muscle groups.

Mental Health

                                Just like any physical activity, swimming releases endorphins that cause us to feel like we are on cloud 9 after a workout. I felt amazing after going for a swim because I felt like I achieved something and I was getting closer to my goal. It impacted my mood positively for the rest of the day.