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Anti Violence Campaign Urges Bystanders, Public to Speak Out


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YWCA Canada’s campaign calls for every day action to end violence against young women, girls, and non-binary youth

Toronto, ON–From sexual assaults on campus, to Islamophobia, transphobia, anti-Black racism, and cyberviolence—young women, girls and non-binary youth navigate multiple forms of violence every day. Today YWCA Canada, the nation’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service association, launches their annual #NOTokay campaign calling on all Canadians to become part of the solution to ending violence.

In a year flooded with news of violent acts targeted towards women and girls, 2017’s news cycle is a constant reminder that we all have a role to play to end violence. The #NOTokay campaign is asking everybody to become part of the solution to end the violence that young women, girls, and non-binary youth experience every day.

As Canada’s largest single provider of shelter for women and children fleeing violence, YWCA Canada is committed to finding solutions to end violence against young women and girls.

“For months we’ve heard one horrific story after another on the news. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless,” says YWCA Canada CEO Maya Roy “But there are everyday acts that all of us can do to help end violence. We’re asking everyone to join us by starting conversations about violence and harassment. #NOTokay offers ways people can choose to intervene when they witness violence and still feel safe. You can stand up and say that violence against young women, girls and non-binary youth is not okay. You are part of the solution.”

At you can download and share tweets, infographics and tools to help address violence in your community, school, and online.

Violence prevention begins with learning. The #NOTokay campaign offers accessible ways to start conversations about forms of harassment and violence.

Everybody. Every Day. Say it’s #NOTokay


About YWCA Canada:

YWCA Canada is the country’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service organization. Our 32 Member Associations across the country serve women and girls in nine provinces and two territories. YWCA Canada is the nation’s single largest provider of shelter to women and children fleeing violence. For more information visit, find us on Twitter @YWCA_Canada or on Facebook at

About YWCA Saskatoon:

YWCA Saskatoon works in Saskatoon and area to provide emergent and preventative services for women and their families, including crisis shelter, supportive living, employment services, quality child care, and accessible fitness. YWCA Saskatoon is a member of YWCA Canada, the nation’s largest provider of shelter to women and children fleeing violence, and the oldest and largest multi-service women’s organization. For more information visit, find us on Twitter at @YWCASaskatoon or on Facebook at  

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