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An expert opinion on the benefits of national child care


Advocacy, Child Development Centre


YWCA provides 1.5 million hours of care nationally.

One of the largest non-profit providers of child care in Canada, the YWCA cares for over 10,000 children annually, in over 100 programs at YWCA member agencies across Canada. This translates into some 1.5 million hours of care every year.

Over the decades, child care has become a cornerstone advocacy issue for YWCA Canada, with support for the principles of universality, quality, and affordability in a non-profit regulated setting. Together with numerous national organizations, the Y advocates for a publicly funded universal child care program for all Canadian children.

YWCA Canada believes that quality early learning and care programs support:

  • the healthy development of all children
  • parents who need to work, study, or care for family members
  • parents in their parenting role
  • women’s equality

Men do participate widely in care for children, but child care still remains primarily a women’s issue. For women, child care is – in the words of Justice Rosalie Abella – “the ramp to equality”. Without it, many women may not able to meet the needs of their children while participating in the economic life of their communities.

According to the Child Care Canada’s Child Care Resource and Research Unit, the ChildCare2020 conference held in November united the child care community around a vision of public good. This year is seen as a significant year for finally beginning to build that child care system in Canada.


Sources: YWCA Canada and CRRU