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All Signed up for the Job Fair? Now What?


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So you saw us on social media and clicked “going.” You’re going to the YWCA Job Fair. Now what?

Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can make the most of your networking time at the job fair.

1. Be confident in yourself.

Many of Saskatoon’s finest employers are waiting to meet you; this is a great opportunity to talk to them in person. Talking to someone at a job fair might seem intimidating, but remember these employers want to be there. You are not bothering them–they are very interested in meeting good candidates like you.

The job fair is their chance to scout some great talent–and you might be the right person for the opportunity that is open at their company.

2. Exercise your networking muscles.

You’ve been practicing networking your whole life, chatting with friends at school, in your neighbourhood, at your place of worship, or at family gatherings. Now you can put those networking skills to use.

If you can, get a business card and follow up.  Have your information handy and be prepared to fill out a job application if one is required. The job fair will be an informal setting, and it’s your chance to shine, so leave them with a good impression.

3. Be prepared.

Make the most of your time while you are at the job fair. Simple things can make a difference. Appearance is important when you are meeting employers. The person standing in front of you could be your future employer, so think about the impression you are making on them.

Being prepared means having your resume handy. Before you go, think about what you are going to discuss when you are face to face with employers at the job fair. Check the list of employers ahead of time, and do your research about their companies before you go. Instead of just browsing at the job fair, make sure you interact with the employers and have some good questions ready. Be confident and gather information for your job search.