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Adjusting…making the best of this


Fitness on 25th


by Fred Dyck, Director of Fitness & Facilities

Like all of you we are adjusting to our new world. in my household, my dog Leo seems to be the happiest with this new world. He likes the company. Even though you cannot visit the fitness center we are still actively trying to assist your fitness goals. We had a good week with Nima Nazemi adding lots of fitness content to our web site and Facebook page and him and I hosting two live classes via Zoom.

Moving forward we are committed to offering all our YWCA Saskatoon fitness community a variety of fitness information and workouts to keep you active.


Nima will offer two mobility classes each week. These will be recorded and posted on our YWCA fitness Facebook page and will include content on the web site. A person’s flexibility & joint range of motion is often neglected by everyone but by follow Nima’s great posts and information you can use this time to make some real changes.

Online workouts:

We are posting workouts basically every weekday. Its not easy to program for everyone so take a look at our workouts, pick and choose what is right for you and keep moving. Have questions? We are here at your disposal. Email Nima at or myself at and we will help as best we can. Its been cold outside this week but it is April so warm weather is coming. We will post workouts you can do outside and give you some tips on how to start a jogging program or train for something longer. Assuming the world allows us to the YWCA is still planning to host our annual Shine a Light Fun Run this September…more details coming soon.

Live Workouts:

We experimented with two Zoom live workouts this week and both went well. Moving forward our initial schedule is this:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: We will host our Y-Fit 50+ class, a workout designed for our older adult members, at 9:00 AM on these days (no workout on Good Friday).
  • Tuesday and Friday: We will host our traditional Y-Fit classes over the noon hour with these more intense workouts set for 12:15 PM each of those days. Again, no class on Good Friday.
  • And, as I mentionded above, Nima will post on Facebook video classes of his mobility.

This is where we are at right now but also talking with Val Kirk about getting some content on the web site and on Facebook from her too.

What works for you? Let us know how we can help…and, as always…keep moving.