Women of Distinction Nominations

Graham’s Women of Distinction Awards 2022 Are Now Open!

Do you know an outstanding woman in your community who deserves recognition? In addition to honouring the woman you nominate for Graham’s Women of Distinction, you help bring positive attention to her work, business or field of interest. You will also be supporting YWCA Saskatoon by being part of our largest annual fundraising event. With these financial contributions, we will continue to break down barriers for women and girls, promote safety and security, empower children and youth, and speak out for women and their families.

Graham’s Women of Distinction Awards® are recognized nationally as one of the most prestigious awards for women. Since 1982, the Women of Distinction Awards® have honoured hundreds of women for their inspirational leadership and extraordinary contributions to our community.

This year, we are honoured to be celebrating 40 years of strong, female leaders and visionaries in our community at our in-person event in May.

All proceeds from Graham’s Women of Distinction Awards® are designated to YWCA Saskatoon, staying here in our community for programs and services to improve the well-being of women, girls and families.

A list of historical nominees and award recipients is available on the YWCA Saskatoon website at www.ywcasaskatoon.com


Important Dates

Nominations Open: Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

Nomination Deadline: Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Nominees’ Reception: Thursday, May 5th, 2022 (Tentative Date)

Nominee Photo and Video Session: First week in April.

Awards Ceremony: Thursday, May 26, 2022 (Tentative Date)


Award Category Descriptions:

Arts, Culture and Heritage Award— This award recognizes the achievement and leadership of women whose contributions in arts, culture and heritage inspires and benefits our community. Arts, Culture and Heritage encompasses a broad range of activities from dance, theatre, music and film to architecture, history, literature and beyond.

Business and Professions Award— Recognizes leaders in the professional and business service industry whose hard work and innovation has influenced positive change both in their careers and in the community. This category includes but is not limited to law, medical, dental, financial, insurance and more.

Community Building Award— Recognizes influential community builders whose professional contributions and/or volunteer leadership has helped to create a community where everyone can thrive.

Education Award— Recognizes exceptional educators in schools, institutions or community programs who are role models in their profession and community and are leading and inspiring positive change.

Entrepreneurship Award— Recognizes successful entrepreneurs whose leadership and business ventures have influenced social good and positive change for our community.

Health and Athletics Award— This award recognizes exceptional contributions in health or athletics. Improving the physical, emotional, social, or spiritual health and wellbeing of the community through work, sport or recreation programs, and providing leadership for positive change in our community.

Leadership in the Trades Award— Recognizes leaders in the skilled trades industry, or services sector who are role models both in their careers and in the community. Also, whose achievements have broken down barriers and inspired positive change. This category includes but is not limited to careers in the construction, transportation, manufacturing and service industries.

Loretta’s Award— Named in memory of a special YWCA Saskatoon staff member, Loretta Andronowich, this award recognizes a woman who has experienced hardship or adversity but has gone on to achieve great personal goals.

Research and Technology Award— Recognizes women for excellence, innovation and leadership in research and technology for influencing positive change. They are role models in their careers and community.

29 and Under Award— Recognizes emerging leaders, age 29 and under, who are inspirational role models in their careers, achievements or community building roles.



  • May be either an individual person or a group of individuals who identify as female.
  • Must represent the YWCA values of diversity, respect, and integrity.
  • Neither the nominee nor the nominator may be a current member of the YWCA board, staff or event committee.
  • The only award based on age is the 29 and Under Award , no other awards have any age restrictions.
  • Must work or reside in the Saskatoon area, defined as 100km from Saskatoon City Hall.
  • May be nominated for two successive years, followed by a one-year break.
  • May be nominated for a different award category after being the successful recipient in another category.
  • Deceased individuals may be nominated. Living nominees must attend the Awards Ceremony and Nominees’ Reception.
  • Nominees must be aware of the nomination and give consent for the nomination and public relations involved with the event, including photo, biography, media exposure and sponsor recognition.
  • Complete nomination with required information must be received before the nomination deadline.
  • You are able to nominate for up to 2 categories. There will be a first choice category and a second choice option if applicable. If selected, the nominee will move forward in only one category, selected by the Confidential Selection Committee.


Required Information

  • The nominators may use the online form or the printed form. Complete contact information for the nominee and the nominators is required.
  • Two letters of support may be included, maximum four pages total, including both. These letters of support may not be from the nominator themselves, the nominees’ family, YWCA board, staff, or volunteers.
  • A short biography (100 words).

The selection committee may request additional information or perform research including social media screening or further interviewing.


Selection of Award Recipients

The Lifetime Achievement Award is selected by the YWCA Saskatoon Board of Directors. This name is announced publicly in advance of the awards dinner. Final recipients for the other awards are not announced until the May Awards Dinner.

The long list of all nominations for the awards is evaluated by a Confidential Selection Committee to determine eligibility. A short list is created of nominees who represent YWCA Saskatoon values. This short list is announced publicly. The short list of nominees is evaluated by a Confidential Selection Committee Women to select the final award recipients. Their decisions are then final.

The selection committee evaluates all nominations based on a nominee’s leadership in improving the life of our community and looks for contributions above and beyond excellence in her field of work.

The YWCA Saskatoon retains the right to refuse nominations that do not align with the values of the organization. Only complete nominations which meet the eligibility criteria and are submitted by the deadline date will be considered by the Selections Committee. Submitted nominations ensure the nominee’s name is put forth for consideration but does not guarantee the nominee will be chosen as a finalist.



All nominees are expected to attend a photo and video session which is to be held on the first week of April.

Nominees are also expected to attend the Nominees’ Reception on May 5th, 2022.

All nominees are required to partake in the Awards Ceremony on Thursday, May 26, 2022.



Click HERE to fill out our online application. Alternatively, you can fill out our physical application form HERE: WOD Physical application form 2022, and mail it to:

YWCA Saskatoon

Attention: Carla Delgado

510 25th Street East

Saskatoon SK, S7K 4A7