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A career in sales – the qualities of great sales people!


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Are you one of those self-motivated people that are anxious to get out and make things happen?  The ability to plan and organize your day, strategize and constantly set goals and meet or beat them is just the skill set that is required.  Sales people need to be able to work independently, plan their day and manage their accounts.  The ability to form and build relationships with potential clients and keep up with your administration and computer work can help you have a successful career as a sales representative.  Often you can use prior education or training in a specific field to move into a sales position, if you are interested in what you are selling or feel you can stand behind the product then this will likely add to your success.  While you will most likely work very independently, often there is a sales team that you are part of as well so you can expect there will be sales meetings and training.  A good sales position can spring up anytime.  Make sure you research the organization offering the position and apply to companies that you feel good about representing.  Most outside sales positions require you to have a reliable vehicle, be able to make cold and warm calls and schedule appointments with the person that would make the decision to buy a product or service.  Pay structures for these positions also vary greatly so be sure you understand the compensation fully before you sign on the dotted line.  If you are a go getter that is great with people this may be a career to consider.