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Ways Job Searching Will Be Different in 2021

This last year was…extremely unordinary. The coronavirus pandemic had an effect on every aspect of our lives—including, and in some cases especially, the way we work and what our job searches look like. And while we’re starting to see glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel, there are still a lot of variables […]

Reasons Summer’s Actually the Best Time to Job Search

By Robert Francos. Oh sweet, sweet summertime. Chances are, it’s a time of year when your social schedule is packed. But your professional life? An office is quieter than usual, thanks to the various vacations workers have planned. To-do lists gets abandoned a little early on Friday afternoon in favor of escaping the desk and enjoying the […]

PreHab & Mobility Program: VooDoo Flossing

PreHab and Mobility is one of the most successful programs we offer to our members at Fitness on 25th. PreHab and Mobility training is an important part of functional fitness that we offer at our centre. The term “Mobility” refers to the ability to create correct and proper movements and move the joints and soft […]