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Summer Student Employment  

By Robert Francos. There is a wide range of summer student jobs available in the Government of Saskatchewan! Human Services: For students with education, experience or interest in supporting the care and treatment of clients. Education may include Social Work, Education, etc. (Includes positions at Camp Thunderbird, Candle Lake.). Typical jobs may include: Dude Ranch […]

When Is the Best Time to Apply for Summer Jobs?

By Robert Francos. What are you doing for work this summer? Do you know when is the best time to apply for summer jobs? The answer is, right now. If you’re chasing seasonal employment, here’s a good general rule: always plan out your next job a full season before you will be working. This will […]

Our PreHab & Mobility Class will focus on Lower Back and Hips in May

In the whole month of May, our PreHab & Mobility Program focuses on an area of the body where majority of people complain about: lower back and hip. Lower back and hip issues have a high rate of occurrence for many reasons. I would like to briefly mention a few of them: The centre of […]

Modern Job Search Skills

By Robert Francos. Modern job search skills are quickly becoming an absolute necessity to successfully apply to major corporations, and especially modern types of business like Web companies and app developers. By “modern” we are, of course, talking about the Internet and its various jobs search tools and aides. Currently, the defining characteristic of Internet-based […]

Ways Job Searching Will Be Different in 2021 (and How You Can Adapt): Part 3 

By Robert Francos. Hiring teams are increasingly turning to automated systems to help them manage the influx of applications. That means more Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and chatbots to answer application FAQs, ask basic screening questions, or even schedule interviews. Some of these new technologies also scan cover letters and even chat conversations for relevant […]