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MYTH: Running Causes Arthritis

by Rahim Ramji, DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy), YWCA Fitness Staff Team Member Running does not cause arthritis, this has been known for quite some time now, but is a common misconception in the general population and medical community. Generally, runners have a much lower chance of developing arthritis compared to non-runners. In fact, running may […]

National Volunteer Week (April 18 – 24, 2021)

By Murray Gross. As a job seeker, during the COVID -19 pandemic, looking for work can be overwhelming.  Consequently, you may feel that volunteering while job searching is not a viable option. You may feel that your time is better spent actually looking for work…. tailoring your resume and cover letter, conducting informational interviews over […]

Guide to Effective Cover Letters

By Wendy Coleman. In the article “5 Secrets to Making Your Cover Letter Stand Out” recently published on www.themuse.com, author Megan Broussard provides “five guidelines for writing a cover letter … … … to catch the employer’s eye.” She notes there are several ways “cover letters can stand out in a bad way” and identifies the […]

Use our Fitness App to stay connected

The restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic have forced our fitness centre and others to be more organized. The idea of dropping in for unplanned group fitness just does not work well with group and aquatic class restrictions as low as 8. The best way to get a spot is to book in advance. And the […]

Spice up your Cardio Workouts with some outdoor walk or runs

by Fred Dyck, YWCA Director of Fitness, B.Sc.P.E. Its spring time. The weather so far has been great in Saskatoon. Getting outside on a warm spring day for some exercise is a great way to live well in Saskatoon. But, after getting those first couple of jogs or runs out of the way, you may […]

The Lasting Impact of the YWCA Services

By Haley Ramphal, Employment & Learning Centre. Last month, we celebrated International Women’s Day and the YWCA received an incredibly generous donation from Bonnie Gitzel and her family. Upon reading Bonnie’s story, it was clear just how much of an impact the programs and services offered here at the YWCA Saskatoon leave on those who […]

What Is Work Culture?

By Robert Francos. When deciding where to apply for jobs, most people look for an atmosphere that affirms their goals and values through a healthy work culture. Every workplace has a unique culture that forms over time through the interactions of the people who work there. Work culture can influence individuals and vice versa, so […]