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Getting Comfortable Online During Lockdown

By Haley Ramphal, Employment & Learning Centre. Technology, though it has been around for several decades, has become a vital aspect of daily life due to the conditions brought on by the pandemic. This has resulted in even the most hesitant individuals learning and adapting to virtual platforms during these unprecedented times. Working from home, […]


by Fred Dyck, Director of Fitness & Facilities Who are the significant influencers for your career? What role did they play and how has it led to the successes of a person’s life? Maybe its because I am getting a bit older but this is certainly a question I have found myself reflecting on lately. […]

Ways Job Searching Will Be Different in 2021 (and How You Can Adapt)

By Robert Francos This last year was…extremely unordinary. The coronavirus pandemic took a toll on the way we work and what our job searches look like. And while we’re starting to see glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel, there are still a lot of variables that could affect the economy. So it […]

Book your very own Private Pool Time!

Get your family out of the house with a trip to our indoor swimming pool. Book for your family and enjoy the pool to yourselves. Your safety is important to us so we will also have a certified Red Cross lifeguard present to ensure you can relax and enjoy your time. Booking Details: Our 25-meter […]

Developing Your Own Superpower

By Wendy Coleman An article in the Careering Magazine (by CERIC) speaks about the power of mindfulness for post-secondary students. The article identified personal factors currently experienced by students and offered suggestions to help.  Experience supporting job seekers in Saskatchewan afforded a broader view of how those factors and approaches, like mindfulness to build personal […]

Use our Virtual classes to augment your trips to the gym

by Fred Dyck, Director of Fitness & Facilities, YWCA Saskatoon Numerous members have embraced our virtual classes and now use them to augment their trips to the fitness centre. It is common see members attend one of our group fitness classes during the morning and then see them later virtually for a different type of class. […]

Skills Employers are Looking For

It is not easy keeping up with our ever-changing workplace. Technology is changing the way we work in dramatic ways, leading to what some people are calling the fourth industrial revolution; just as each of the past three industrial revolutions (the steam engine, the age of science, and mass production) required workers to adapt their […]