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Job Searching with Intention and Action

According to the CareerAddict article by Joanna Zambas The 6 Best Ways to Find a Job in 2019, “searching for a job can be challenging … it can feel like a full-time job and with so many means to find new opportunities, it’s often hard to know where to start”. The author suggests it’s “time […]

Breakfast with Candy Palmater

Come and enjoy Candy Palmater and Breakfast! Event begins with registration and breakfast at 7:30am Program begins at 8:30am About this Event The YWCA is excited to bring Candy Palmater to Saskatoon for you to enjoy! Come join us for a buffet breakfast provided by Oliver & Bonacini at the beautiful Remai Modern. Candy is […]

Habits of Successful Job Seekers

Let people know you are looking for work It’s not easy to divulge your situation, but start connecting. Work whatever contacts you have to see if they know of openings. “This was incredibly uncomfortable for me,” says writer Lauren Deen. “I later realized this is nothing to be ashamed of—a strong work ethic is rare […]

Benefits of Connecting with an Employment Agency

One important source of work that is too often overlooked by today’s unemployed and under-employed is the work gained through employment agencies.  We recently had the opportunity to invite some agencies in and the result brought clarity to the mystery and misconceptions around these employers. While it is true that agencies work with clerical and […]