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Career Moves 55 – 64

Did you know that the Employment and Learning Centre at YWCA Saskatoon has a new program to assist job seekers who are 55 to 64 years of age? The program is called Career Moves 55-64. It has been running since January 2019 and is funded by the Government of Saskatchewan.   The Career Moves 55-64 […]

Job Opportunities in Health Care

Are you considering working in the health care industry, but you are not a nurse or doctor?  Don’t worry there are so many other possibilities.  This is one industry that is never going to go out of business so it is worth exploring, it might just help you reach your goals.  Some great reasons to […]

Ways to Determine Company Culture in an Interview

When you are looking for a new job, you don’t just want the right position—you want the right culture fit: An office that matches your personality; a team that supports your love for collaboration or your do-it-yourself spirit. Sure, you could do good work anywhere—but if the attitudes and predispositions of the workplace feel like […]

YWCA Trade Journey Program

Each year we offer the YWCA Trade Journey Program’s 16 week training from April to December.  In 2019 our first group of 15 women started their training on April 29th. The month of June has been really busy for our group of women. They have attended Sask. Polytechnic for the Electrical and Plumbing Trade Samplers. […]