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Local Shoppers Drug Mart Teams Support Women’s Mental Health

Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Gala funds YWCA Saskatoon mental health programming SASKATOON – YWCA Saskatoon services and programs for women’s mental health have received a boost from a generous funder, Shoppers Drug Mart. The combined fundraising efforts of 13 local Saskatoon store teams and their customers have focused on women’s mental health initiatives through the Spring […]

Looking for work?

Are you planning to start working this fall? If the answer is yes, now is the time to start looking. YWCA Saskatoon’s Employment and Learning Centre will host a Job Finding Club starting August 14, 2018. The three week Job Finding Club assists and supports job seekers to find work within the hidden job market.  […]

5 Tips for Upgrading Your Resume in 2018

By applying the following tips, you will be able to easily upgrade your resume to help you land your next job in 2018.   The layout of your resume matters. A visually balanced resume will help recruiters find key elements quickly and easily. It will also make your accomplishments and skills easier to read. Use […]

Trade Journey is Recruiting!

Thinking about a change from your current job? The Trade Journey program helps women bridge into Saskatoon’s construction industry and the path to apprenticeship. Learn how you can apply to Trade Journey by attending an information session. To register online for a session visit www.tradejourney.ca.

What’s happening with Trade Journey

With the arrival of the warm June weather our Trade Journey Program is all warmed up too and had a lot of new learning experiences. We started off the month with a full week at Sask Polytechic learning the basics of the electrical trade.  Our group of women then quickly applied their new skills to the […]