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The YWCA Location is Ideal for jogging around Meewasin Valley.

by Fred Dyck, YWCA Fitness Manager Want to spice up your summer workout? Take advantage of our great summer weather and mix up your weekly routine by choosing to add walks or runs outside instead of on the treadmill. For many of us we get set in our workout routines. We follow the same schedule […]

Join the YWCA Board of Directors

YWCA Saskatoon is currently accepting applications for membership on: The YWCA Saskatoon Board of Directors The Women of Distinction Planning Committee The Social Good Fundraising Committee YWCA Saskatoon is a vibrant, community-based organization that responds to the needs of women, men and children here in Saskatoon, providing both preventative and emergent services. We are a […]

Bus Access to the YWCA

Are you planning your trip to YWCA Saskatoon on 25th Street and using Saskatoon Transit? As of July 3, 2016 the Saskatoon Transit Bus Routes will be changing.  This will change how many buses will stop on 25th Street East to access YWCA Saskatoon services. After July 3rd, buses number 4,6, 40 and 45 will […]

The Bar Muscle Up

By Fred Dyck, Fitness Manager, YWCA Fitness on 25th Another advanced exercise sure to impress any gym enthusiast is the muscle up. Whether performed on the rings or with a straight bar, the muscle up is an advanced move requiring power from multiple areas of the body as well as proper form & technique. Completion […]

Aquatics: Osteroarthritis

Aquatics: Osteoarthritis By: Carol Keesey; Aqua Fitness Instructor Pain is the most common symptom of osteoarthritis. Because there is no more cartilage left to act as a cushion in the joint, the bones rub together causing pain. Stiffness is the other osteoarthritis symptom that people most often experience. Those affected joints just don’t function as […]

Nutrition Monday: Chicken Taco Rice Bowl Recipe

Nutrition Monday: Chicken Taco Rice Bowl By: Kaylie Pederson, Personal Trainer The recipe I have for you today has a couple parts to it but it is worth it! Below is a recipe for my delicious Taco Chicken Rice bowl with a homemade cilantro cream sauce.  It’s a nice filling version of a taco salad and is […]

Meet Caitlin, the Crisis Shelter’s Nutrition Worker!

Hello world! Meet Caitlin! Recently the YWCA Crisis Shelter received a generous grant from the Community Initiatives Fund!! This grant was to hire a Nutrition Coach to help facilitate community dinners, lead group information sessions, and meet with residents one on one to discuss their dietary needs! Caitlin is a Registered Dietitian because she loves […]

Crisis Shelter and Residence offers Laughter Therapy

The Crisis Shelter offers a laughter therapy and the instructor has been dedicated for many years with proven results! “I have been offering therapeutic laughter groups at the shelter each month for about 6 or 7 years. My laughter program involves gentle stretching, healthy breathing and laughter exercises. It provides an opportunity for the women to […]

Red Cross Summer Swimming Lesson Registration Still Open!

Red Cross Lesson Registration for Summer Swimming Lessons! Registration for the lesson sets provided in the link below is still open! Please phone the YWCA front desk, at 306-244-0944 or drop by in person to register your child today! Summer_Swim_Leisure_Ad_PRESS

Aquatics: Breaststroke Breakdown

Breaststroke; Are You Doing it Right? One of the hardest swimming strokes to master is not what you would think. You might believe it’s the butterfly because of the complex movements, or maybe even front crawl with breathing and going in a straight line!  But no, breast stroke has always proven to be one of […]