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Are you a motivated individual with an eye for customer service? Have you considered a career in the hospitality industry? Take the quiz and see if the hospitality industry is right for you! YWCA Essential Skills for Employment is a work-readiness program designed to help you start your career in hospitality. We provide customer service training, […]

How Challenging is an Aqua Fitness Workout?

How Challenging is an Aqua Fitness Workout? By Carol Keesey, SPRA Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor Did you know that movement in water provides approximately 12-14 times more resistance than when the same movement is performed on land. On land, all upward movement is performed against the pull of gravity, whereas work in the water may […]

Strength Wednesday’s: The Push Up

By Fred Dyck, YWCA Fitness Manager One of the most basic exercises in the fitness universe is the push up. Next to running, it may be the most commonly known exercise around. In our noon Y-Fit class on Thursday, January 14th, we will look at the basic push up movement. Join us shortly after 12 […]

E&L Employment Tip

Guides for writing resumes often list tips and suggestions for what to include, but there are also many common mistakes one should avoid adding. For example, listing irrelevant work experience is one of the most prevalent errors which can detract from the overall effectiveness of a resume. If you are applying for a job in […]

Senior Fitness Focus: Improving Balance As You Age

Senior Fitness Focus: Improving Balance As You Age By: Fred Smith; YWCA Personal Trainer As we get older, injuries of any sort become more difficult to come back from. Falling down can result in difficult injuries which may limit what you are able to do and possibly rob you of independence. Improving your balance can […]

The Truth About Gluten

The Truth About Gluten By Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor: Val Kirk Celiac disease is where an individual has trouble digesting gluten, which is a protein in gains, such as rye, wheat and barley. The products that carry this protein are in breads, pasta, crackers and many other foods.  Individuals with celiac disease cannot absorb […]

Aqua Adult Level 2- Stroke Improvement|

Aqua Adult Level 2- Stroke Improvement| If you’re an avid swimmer or if you’re someone who wants to improve their strokes, then Stroke Improvement for Adults is the right class for you. The lessons will run for 10 consecutive weeks building off Aqua Adults Level 1 strokes that are previously taught to swimmers who have […]

Weight Room Wednesdays: What do sets and reps mean?

By Fred Smith, YWCA Fitness on 25th Personal Trainer Today I would like to talk about a couple of terms commonly used in the gym and a couple of examples of how they can affect a workout routine. I’m referring to SETS and REPETITIONS. A set is a group of repetitions (an example would be […]

Nutrition Monday: Salt or Sugar?

by Val Kirk, YWCA Fitness on 25th Personal Trainer Salt Or Sugar? Which plays a greater role in high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease?  SUGAR OR SALT? If your answer was “salt”, you are wrong, says authors of a published study in the only journal “Open Heart”.  Added sugars, particularly fructose, in processed foods are […]