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Six Tips Every Lane Swimmer Should Know

by Breeanna Tudda, YWCA Fitness on 25th Head Lifeguard Hydrate before beginning your work-out. It is suggested to drink about 2-3 cups of water beforehand but at least 10 minutes before you start working out so you avoid any cramping. Eat at least 45 minutes before to avoid any cramping and try to avoid large […]

The Deadlift: Consider having this time tested movement in your workout

By Fred Dyck, Manager, YWCA Fitness on 25th In its simplest form, the deadlift is the practice of picking an object off of the ground in a safe and efficient manner. The ability to perform this simple task is a basic part of being functionally able. Regular, proper use of the deadlift results in improved […]

Message from the Executive Director – Looking Ahead to 2016

Source: article by Joanne Paulson, published in the Saskatoon Express December 28, 2015 I have many reasons to be encouraged as I look ahead to 2016, but the economic climate in Saskatchewan in is a concern for the YWCA and the families we serve, unlike 2008 where our province was the anomaly. For our most vulnerable citizens, […]

Life at the YWCA as a Social Work Practicum Student

My name is Robert Basiove, and over the course of the last few months I have been doing a practicum placement here at YWCA Saskatoon. I worked in the administration department September through December, 2015. It is difficult to capture all of what I have learned at the YWCA in a few paragraphs. I gained […]

YWCA Fitness on 25th – Expanding our Aqua Fitness Class Descriptions

Through the past year or more our Aqua class program often has on the schedule the class title Aqua Fitness. In fact, over this past fall term of classes, we had 14 scheduled classes called Aqua Fitness; led by 6 different instructors. With a goal to providing our members with improved description of the differences […]

What diet is right for you?

Our Personal Trainers and Fitness Consultants are often asked dietary questions by our members. Members often ask us for advice, our guidance and opinion with the focus often about losing weight. Our general response is to shift the discussion to one about health and wellness. We attempt to shift the discussion to setting realistic goals, […]

Festive Breakfast in the Crisis Shelter

This morning, similar to years past, all of the staff and some friendly volunteers helped make a huge breakfast for all of our residents! This breakfast included waffles, bacon, sausage, homemade berry syrups, fruit, and a favorite of everyone’s…. whipped cream on top! Our coffee table had specialty coffee, 10% cream, eggnog, orange juice, and […]

Exercise and Aging

Exercise and Aging By Fred Smith, YWCA Fitness on 25th Personal Trainer Most seniors are not interested in over developed muscles or how fast they can run a one hundred metre dash. Seniors I have worked with are more interested in extending a higher quality of life and avoiding chronic disease. A sold exercise foundation […]


Getting Prepared for your Workout: Dynamic Stretching

Getting Prepared for your Workout: Dynamic Stretching By Fred Dyck, YWCA Fitness on 25th Manager No one I have seen at YWCA Fitness on 25th walks into the weight room and immediately start lifting heavy weight. Most all of our members perform some type of warm up. But, occasionally, we will observe that the quality […]

He’s Making a List and Checking it Twice!

He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good. So be good for goodness sake! You guessed it! Santa Claus is coming to town! Or to the Crisis Shelter to be more precise… Mr Claus and his lovely wife Mrs Claus come to the shelter […]