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Success Stories


Photo: Dave Stobbe

Codie knew early on that she wanted to work in construction as a carpenter.

As a single parent of two, she struggled with child care, and had worked temporary labour jobs for five years.  She also knew that Social Assistance was not good enough; she wanted a career and independence.

Codie applied to the Trade Journey Program, and learned of her acceptance by phone when she was standing in line at the Food Bank.  She vowed to herself that she would succeed.

She never missed a day and worked hard for top marks.  She believed that “If you want something bad enough and work hard enough, there is always a way to achieve your goals through strength and determination.”

She found her own work placement and began enthusiastically, but by day two started hearing rumblings of layoffs and hiring freezes.  Even with a downturn in construction, Codie’s long days and work ethic paid off, and she was hired at the end of her work placement.  She is living her own life, free and independent.